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What is JADOH?

JADOH is a multilingual, interactive language-learning app.

Busy students, working professionals and more use JADOH to learn English, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

Start learning a new language in just 10 minutes a day. How far can you go?


Fresh, Addictive & Multilingual

JADOH creates 5-minute micro-lessons from top trending videos.

Check out the latest movies, top musical hits, viral videos or essential news updates.

Perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

Maximum Engagement & Sustained Learning

JADOH uses gamification to maximize engagement in the long-term.

Earn points with daily quizzes, compete with friends and classmates, and win real prizes.

With less than 10 minutes of engaged learning a day, users remember over 7,000 new words and phrases in the course of a year.

Boost Retention with Spaced Repetition Algorithms

JADOH uses a spaced repetition algorithm to help you learn more words in less time.

Forget a word or phrase? It’ll keep turning up in your quizzes at calculated intervals until you start acing those quiz questions.

Our founder and specialists, like over 5 million other learners around the world, have used the same algorithm to help retain thousands of new words and ace language exams.

New Adaptive Smart Tests Daily

JADOH custom creates a mini-quiz daily. See how quickly you improve as you begin to ace your tests.

Answer a multiple-choice question, sentence composition or fill in the blanks to help cement essential words and phrases.

Measurable Progress in Real-Time

With the JADOH Dashboard, parents and educators can keep track of each student’s progress individually or ranked within groups in real time.

See how many active daily users in your family or school have logged on each month. Discover how many words each group or student has learned, and see graphs of their progress using several metrics.

For educators and organizations, calculate ROI for up-skilling learners.

Community Managers (Corporate Clients Only)

JADOH Community Managers answer language questions, organize virtual competitions and gamify the learning process. Learn in teams or compete individually for a free coffee or even a hotel stay.

Plus, who doesn’t love getting a great prize for their hard work?

Our Dream

  • To unleash the world's potential, one word at a time
  • To provide everyone with the key to a better, global future
  • Language learning for everyone

Our Team

Samon Suwannarat and Raphassit Leelachaikul co-founded Jadoh in 2018 out of their love for learning and passion for business.

Together with a team of language specialists, content creators, editors and more, we endeavor to connect the world through language-learning.

Samon Suwannarat


Samon speaks English, Japanese, Thai and Mandarin fluently. He has worked at Boston Consulting Group’s Tokyo office and held positions in private equity, and mergers and acquisitions teams in Japan and Thailand. He holds degrees from Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University (Bachelor in Engineering) and the Kellogg School of Management (MBA).

Raphassit Leelachaikul


Raphassit Leelachaikul speaks Thai and English fluently. He has worked as the development lead on project infrastructure for the National Digital ID (NDID). He earned a degree in Information and Communication Engineering at Chulalongkorn University and a Masters in Software Engineering at the University of Sydney

Uttsada "Utt" Panichkul


California-born Utt graduated from Assumption University with a Bachelors in Advertising. He has decades of experience as a renowned actor and model, as well as in his role as VJ Utt for 13 years on MTV-Asia.

Utt’s corporate experience includes Director of Entertainment for IN Channel, Head of Content for Joox, and Head of Digital Content at True ID App.

In the latter role, he led the Content Team as well as oversaw content strategy, acquisitions, overlay operations and more.

Jinda Wedel


Thai-American journalist Jinda has reported on news as an anchor at Thailand’s In Channel, and organized and created online/offline articles as Features Editor at Prestige Magazine.

As a freelancer for Associated Press and other news outlets, she has researched and reported on everything from political turmoil to human interest stories.

She holds a Bachelors degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Anutida "Nong" Jaichuen


Anutida, or Nong, discovered her love of English and teaching while working as a member of class cabin crew in Qatar Airways, a top global airline. Her passion spurred her to continue her studies.

After earning her Bachelors in English from Kasetsart University (Thailand), she went onto a Masters in Teaching English at (American College of Education, Indiana, USA).

She joins JADOH with the goal of reinventing learning habits, and leading the team in turning the app into a global platform.

Lin Xiao Ding


Lin is a fully trilingual Chinese, Thai and English speaker. She was born in China and her family later emigrated to Thailand.

She has employed her language skills at her position as a a lawyer at WCP, Allen & Overy, Kudun & Partners (specializing in corporate law and mergers and acquisitions).

Xiao Ding holds a law degree from Chulalongkorn University (LLB) and University of Southern California (LLM). At JADOH, she advises on Mandarin-language content as well as corporate marketing efforts.

Mizuhata Kenichi


Keniji is an ex-banker and business consultant with experience working with Japan’s leading financial institutions. At his position with Nomura Securities, he has advised companies on financial activities and mergers and acquisitions.

He holds a degree in Business Finance from Kansai Gakuin University. Now, he is learning to speak Thai. At JADOH, Ken advises on Japanese-language content and corporate marketing efforts.

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